7 Tips for Bigger Arms – Tickets to the GunShow

Every red-blooded man with hair on his balls wants bigger, more muscular arms. It’s in our DNA. But for those with less than ideal “Gunshow Genetics” growing massive arms can be easier said than done. So what’s the secret? Well, there’s no magic secret, but there certainly are some basic training strategies you can follow to […]

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5 Big Muscle Building Tips from Big Ben Pakulski

A few years ago I attended a seminar lead by professional bodybuilder, trainer, author, public speaker, and educator, big Ben Pakulski (BPak). In his presentation, Advanced Techniques for Hypertrophy and Fat Loss, Ben shared some important tips for gaining muscle and shedding fat. Needless to say, I took some good notes during the workshop!

In this post I want to show you the Top 5 Muscle Building Tips he shared with us.
Get Big Tip #1: Understand Muscle Function & Train with Focus
One of the first things Ben talked about was how important it was to have a decent understanding of the function of the muscles you are training. Learn muscle origins and insertions, what their action is when they contract, understand how to fully shorten the muscle, and focus on creating tension in the target muscles when you are training.  Your muscles don’t know how much weight you are moving… they only respond to how much tension you place on them.

Once you understand basic muscle function, you can manipulate your exercises to better target your muscles more effectively.  You can learn how to create more tension in the muscles you are training without necessarily using heavier weights.


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Minimalist Training – More Gains, Less Time

Do you ever get annoyed with so many long, complicated training programs being promoted as the next big thing in “training science”? You’re not alone. I thought it was time for a refresher in the KISS (Keep It Short & Simple) philosophy.

It’s important to realize that your workouts don’t need to be long or complex […]

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The Burning Ladders Workout – Go For The BURN!

What the heck is a Burning Ladder?
No, this has nothing to do with fire-fighting. A Burning Ladder is a training technique that Your Gym Trainer co-founder, Steve, and I often use, especially with our bodyweight / calisthenics workouts. It’s also one of the training methods we will be introducing in my upcoming ebook/ video program, […]

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How to BULK on a Budget

With the 2015 right around the corner, many people will be committing to their New Year’s Resolutions. While for the majority of people this will include some sort of weight loss goal, there are others who want to achieve the opposite. This article is dedicated to those who are in the noble pursuit of bulking up […]

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How to Build Muscle

We’ve been receiving a number of questions on our Facebook Page asking about how to build muscle. So this post will attempt to answer that question and provide some related links for those interested to do more research as well. Are you ready to make some gainz?

It’s helpful to consider that hypertrophy is multi-factorial… rather than outline every single factor let’s look at the main aspects:

Mechanical Tension – this addresses progressive overload, resistance used, exercise selection, etc. Emphasized in mid rep ranges.

Muscular Damage – inroad / fatigue, eccentric emphasis, intensity threshold. Emphasized in low rep ranges.

Metabolic Distress – reduced rest intervals, supersets, dropsets, occlusion training, hormonal affect, etc. Emphasized in higher rep ranges.

So the goal is to accommodate as many of the primary factors for hypertrophy as possible, without compromising what I consider to be the MAIN factor: progressive tension overload!


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Can Flexible Dieting and Clean Eating Just Get Along?

My friend Kane Sumabat is one of the most muscular, lean and aesthetic guys I know.  Surpisingly, poptarts, pizza, hamburgers, and bacon are staples of his diet. How the heck can he stay in such great shape while eating all of that so-called “junk food”?

And I’m not talking about his “cheat meals”… those are just some of the food choices he fits into his carefully planned and monitored nutrition plan. After talking to Kane about his nutritional philosophy I was curious to learn more about it, so I did some research. In this post I’m going to share some of what I discovered.

When it comes to gaining or losing body weight (ie: shedding fat or gaining muscle), your nutrition has to be a priority. Obviously an intelligent approach to training is necessary, but for most people if their diet isn’t on track they will get disappointing results.

Knowing this, what’s the best approach to a solid nutrition plan? There are so many different “diets” available to us, how do we know what to choose? In this article I want to discuss and compare two very popular nutritional approaches. These two nutrition “plans” are called IIFYM and “Clean Eating.”
What is IIFYM?

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