Do you ever get annoyed with so many┬álong, complicated training programs being promoted as the next big thing in “training science”? You’re not alone. I thought it was time for a refresher in the KISS (Keep It Short & Simple) philosophy.

It’s important to realize that your workouts don’t need to be long or complex in order to get results. If you choose a few high-effect exercises, and train them with high intensity, and make sure you progress regularly, you can make gains with a few simple (not easy), brief workouts per week. I call this Minimalist Training. Considering that the number one excuse for not working out is “not enough time”, this type of training is even more important for those who lead a busy life.

To design your own Minimalist Training program, I suggest you choose a maximum of four compound exercises that hit all of the major muscle groups in your body. Include at least one big lower body exercise, such as the deadlift or squat, and at least one big upper body push movement (ie: chest press or dips) and pull movement (ie: pull-ups or rows). Challenge yourself in the 6 to 15 repetition range.

Here’s an example of one of the minimalist workouts I’m using right now, using Deadlifts, Dips, and Pullups:

I hope that gives you some ideas for setting up your own brief, intense, high-effect minimalist workouts as well. Remember, more is not always better and lack of time is not an excuse… it’s just a matter of what your priorities are.

Stay strong,

Josh Hewett

Your Gym Trainer